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Jamahook releases Sound Assistant Offline Agent


Jamahook, the AI-powered sound-recommendation tool, has released Sound Assistant Offline Agent, describing it as "the first and only plugin that puts the power of AI into the hands of music producers by connecting personal audio libraries with the Jamahook sound-matching technology".

Jamahook explains:

This plugin allows music producers to bring back to life half-forgotten sounds they created or collected in the past, instantly fitting them to current music projects. It represents the latest evolution of Jamahook's Sound Assistant, originally launched in March to provide access to an online database of loops. The Sound Assistant plugin is aimed at empowering producers to supercharge their creativity by providing a production assistant that can be seamlessly integrated into their workflow.

Original musical elements like beats, samples, stems and loops saved in the audio libraries of music producers can over time end up overlooked and lost. Finding the right sounds that may have been created and stored a long time ago can be a difficult and time-consuming prospect. The Sound Assistant Offline Agent is designed to bring these long-forgotten sounds back to the forefront.

The benefit of Sound Assistant Offline Agent is that producers can be certain that their songs are totally unique because the only source for recommendation of musical elements is their own audio content.

How Sound Assistant Offline Agent works

The plugin deeply analyses dozens of acoustic and psychoacoustic properties in the song a producer is working on and creates data sets for every element. The AI then connects this data to the rhythmically and harmonically resonating elements within a producer's personal library. It can then recommend the right sounds that complement the current project, matching key, tempo, and other parameters. The AI algorithm can even incorporate matches that are in different keys by using pitch shifting to suit the current music project.

The underlying AI sound-matching technology for the Sound Assistant has been launched thanks to a partnership between Jamahook and the Fraunhofer Institute, renowned for conducting research in audio analysis and the invention of the mp3 format.

How to get Sound Assistant Offline Agent

The Jamahook sound-matching plugin supports both VST and AU formats. An AAX version tailored specifically for Pro Tools users is slated for release in 2024.

The Sound Assistant Offline Agent offers two versions to cater to different needs. The Basic Pack, priced at €49, can accommodate up to 10,000 musical elements. For those seeking unlimited access, the Pro Pack is available for €79.

Jamahook remains committed to user privacy, ensuring that the Sound Assistant Offline Agent does not access any user information or audio content from their computers.



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