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Kuassa updates Amplifikation Creme to v1.3.0 - Now supports VST3 and AAX


Kuassa has released the 1.3.0 update for Amplifikation Creme with the following new features:

  • Addition of two 4x12 cabinets.
  • Impulse Response resampling.
  • new preset management.
  • redesigned graphics.
  • VST3 and AAX support.

Head to the Kuassa download page and re-install to update your copy of Amplifikation Creme. They suggest you backup your old presets before performing an update.

Amplifikation Creme

Amplifikation Creme is the second entry to the Amplifikation line of guitar amp software. It features a precisely engineered head and matching cabinet with built-in overdrive sections, based on three legendary overdrive pedals, giving you full control of rich distortion.

Kuassa say Amplifikation Creme is a "must-have" addition for fans of the Amplifikation One or Vermilion. Distinguished by its darker, fuller, and heavier tone, akin to a high-gain tube guitar amplifiers suitable for more modern sounding rock to metal. Creme's three amp types and channels will bring you closer to the end of your search for the powerful tone. Its photo-realistic rendered GUI retains the workflow and easy-to-understand parameters that are a signature of Kuassa products.

Key Features:

  • Built-in overdrive section with three selectable overdrive types.
  • 3 selectable channels: Clean, Lead, and Lead II with fuller bottom-end.
  • 5 types of matching cabinets.
  • 4 microphone types with freely adjustable dual-miking configurations.
  • Built-in Noise Gate and Limiter.
  • Built-in Impulse Response Loader with resampling feature.
  • New preset management system.
  • Photo-realistic graphics for a life-like guitar playing experience.
  • Straightforward and easy to use interface.
  • Supports sample rates of up to 96000Hz.


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