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Lese updates Transfer to v1.2 - The Reflections Update


Lese has updated Transfer to v1.2, fixing things and adding a new "Reflections" processor for room simulation.


  • Enable the new reflections processor with the "Reflections" toggle button, and switch to its control panel with the "Room" icon.
  • Switch between simulating early reflections, late reflections, or both.
  • Change the "Room Model" with the dropdown, This changes the simulated space's materials and alters both the early and late reflections.
  • Change the size of the room with the controller on the left side of the panel, or skip this step and synchronize it with the control panel's distance value.

All Changes:

  • Added a reflection system.
  • Fixed stability issues on certain DAWs.
  • Improved certain GUI elements.
  • Internal optimizations.
  • Parameter handling improvements.
  • UX Improvements.

Technical Notes: Early reflections are binaurally spatialized, and late reflections are processed in mono. The late reflections are simulated with a multiband spectral reverb, which is altered based on the room's volume & the room's materials (set with the "Room Model" parameter).



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