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Livelab.dk updates LiveSlice to v1.47


Livelab.dk has released version 1.47 of LiveSlice. This update adds REX file import and speed and workflow improvements and is free for all registered users.

New features and changes:

  • REX import.
  • Resizable file browser.
  • Faster GUI and a new "lofo GUI" mode for smooth operation on older machines.
  • Improved waveform display: visualizes both the average and the loudest frequency so there's a visual difference between a bassdrum with or without hihat - even when the hihat is quiet.
  • More MIDI automation options: slicing and recording can now be controlled by MIDI (for example: hit a MIDI-key to record, use mod-wheel to auto slice the recording).
  • Time signature support, durations in bars + beats in both slicer and arranger.
  • Clicking the "play" button now results in a monophonic preview mode (play one arrangement at a time, select the currently playing arrangement with the mouse).
  • Loops list no longer auto-scrolls on click.
  • Removed the "clear event" feature (there's no need to have empty events in an arrangement).
  • Middle mouse now deletes events if no parameter is selected, and resets parameters if a parameter is selected.
  • It's now possible to reset event parameters by clicking and dragging with middle mouse button down.

Bug fixes:

  • Better sorting in file browser.
  • Refresh after Ctrl+V an Event - now stays on the destination track.
  • Refresh after Adding a Track - now displays the new track.
  • Refresh track selection after Deleting a Track.
  • Refresh track selection after Re-opening LS.
  • Right click to toggle default values are back (loop / arrangement duration and time signature).
  • "Lock to loop" setting is now correctly recalled when opening projects.
  • Graphical waveforms always removed when loop is deleted.
  • Some bugs when changing MIDI config details fixed.
  • Fixed "Changing banks, selects another arrangement".
  • Fixed "missing file" dialog bug.
  • More minor bug fixes.


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