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Livelab.dk releases LiveSlice v1.45


Livelab.dk has updated LiveSlice to v1.45. This update introduces some useful features, like time-stretching and MIDI learn, but mainly focuses on stability and workflow. The update is free for all registered users.


  • Time stretching.
  • Loop cropping.
  • Normalize.
  • MIDI learn.
  • VST 2.4 compliant.
  • Volume envelope improvements and enhancements.
  • Use arrow keys to pan from slice to slice (useful when editing slice points at max. zoom).
  • Shortcut keys in the file manager.
  • Space bar now controls playback (instead of randomize).
  • Added an option to define what MIDI note LiveSlice will use for middle C (in case you changed that in your host).
  • Waveform gfx. improved (improved visualization of zero crossings).
  • Slicedisplay zoom / scroll rewritten from scratch - much faster.
  • Optional semitransparent slice display (see through overlapping slices).
  • Further gui optimizations. The gui response is less affected by the number of events in the arranger.
  • Locate slice will now scroll to the corresponding loop in the loops list.
  • The arrangement configured for individual slices playback is can now be triggered as any other arrangement (was locked in 1.44).
  • Fixed saving 24 bit wav. files and added saving of 32 bit (PCM and float).
  • "autopitch" (right clicking "autostretch" button) now updates pitch on tempo changes.
  • More stable wav file reader - better error tolerance for buggy wave files.

Bug fixes:

  • Track parameter "Volume" now works (MIDI config).
  • Fixed bug that would cause events to be removed when doing granular work (150 events or more placed very close).
  • Mouse cursor update bug fixed.
  • Fixed bugs with controls / buttons not being properly reset on arrangement change.
  • Fixed: "trigger with host" now changes the active arrangement even when seq. is not running.
  • Fixed: file browser is now updated when a file is saved.
  • Fixed: repaint bug when changing number of visible tracks.
  • Fixed: system would hang if slices were insanely small.
  • Missing file search no longer scans the whole file system if no search folder is specified.
  • Fixed crash related to undo.
  • Fixed crashes related to copying and deleting events and tracks (BR 60 and 64).
  • Rare crash related to very rapid previewing fixed.
  • Change: when replacing events, the selected parameter is inherited from the replaced event.
  • The red "playing" markers are now updated when changing bank.
  • Fixed problems with missing popup and wrong value-ranges in MIDI settings.
  • Fixed MIDI channel bug.
  • The default sample paths are now updated when pasting / writing in the text box.
  • Very short folder names no longer corrupts the folder name display.


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