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Metro 6.3 pre-release now available

Sagan Technology

Sagan Technology has made available a pre-release version of Metro v6.3. Upgrades from v6.2 are free and upgrades from older versions of v6.x cost US$29.99.

The following list includes changes to Metro, Metro SE and Metro LX. Some changes may not be applicable to specific products.

New Features:

  • Improved Tiger compatibility.
  • Archive menu has been changed to 'Track Operations' which now includes Freeze, Group Freeze, Thaw, Group and Ungroup Tracks.
  • Freeze, Group Freeze, and Thaw. Freeze converts soft-synth (or audio) tracks and all of their automation into a single audio track and groups the original tracks. Freeze converts each soft-synth (or audio) track and all of their automation into a single audio track. Tracks are saved with a .frz extension.
  • Prior to 6.3, MIX was rendering all soft-synths regardless of selection! After 6.3 only selected tracks will be included in the mix. This makes it more consistent with audio tracks.
  • Playback Scrolling option called edit mode. When in edit mode windows will not change pages.
  • Chord progressions. Progressions can be managed with the library functions save, delete and insert.
  • Ultra Rhythm Explorer. This updated Rhythm Explorer will automatically create intelligent drum beats, bass lines and guitar rhythms. It also has the ability to insert notes, record multiple patterns to a track and even insert a random chord progression from your chord progression library.
  • Group Tracks.
  • Chord names are automatically parsed while typing in markers.
  • Marker times are now quantized based on the note quantization settings when created.
  • Markers can now be copied from the marker window and pasted (or merged) from any data window.
  • Core Audio Device output names to are now written to Metro documents.
  • The 4 cue points are now saved in each section.
  • The jukebox now converts files to MP3, MP4, Ogg, etc. in the order they are displayed in the jukebox window.
  • Setting track loops no longer requires playback to be stopped first.
  • Rewire support for publishing tempo and time signature to rewire slaves.
  • Chord within Markers are now transposable.
  • The tracks contextual popup has been expanded to include more items such as 'Track Operations', 'Mix or Render', 'Export track' and more.

For a complete list of bug fixes please see this post in the Metro support forum.



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