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Mildon Studios releases Strummer S6 v4.12 - Acoustic Guitar Strummer for Windows VST (Intro Half Price Offer)


Mildon Studios has released Strummer S6, and Acoustic Guitar Strummer VST instrument plug-in for Windows.

Strummer S6 features a new Auto-Strum function with a 3-track Pattern Sequencer that lets you create your own rhythms and play complex chords with both hands. The new intuitive interface makes it very easy to create patterns, edit note velocities, and tweak settings.

It also features MIDI-Out Strumming which lets you strum other sample-players and VSTis.

Version 4.12 Features:

  • All-New Pattern Sequencer.
  • Includes 4 High-Quality Guitar Soundfonts.
  • New Intuitive GUI.
  • 2 Chord Modes: Freestyle and Chord Detection.
  • Full-range inversion-aware strumming.
  • Improved MIDI-Out Strumming feature (compatible host required).
  • Play both strumming and solo plucking.
  • Enhanced Chord Detection - switches to Freestyle mode if it can't detect any chord.
  • Sound Enhancers: Body Tap, Fret Noise, Reverb.

Strummer S6 costs $49 but is currently available for the introductory half price offer of $24 until July 27, 2012.



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