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Minicorda Suitcase-Size Electro Acoustic Nylon Guitar Released


The newly released Minicorda is a 19 inches travel (nylon) guitar that fits into a suitcase and sounds like a regular-size one. It's just one solid piece. It's always ready to be played. It's said to have a warm and clean sound.

How do they make it?

Minicorda founders created and patented a hollow-neck system that makes a 19-inch guitar resonate like a larger one, and also added great electronics (Fishman Preamp).

How is it built?

Mincorda's resonance body is made of high-quality polymers with great acoustic capabilities and mounted over a solid aluminum frame. It's manually finished and carefully calibrated by Diego Spina (co-founder and Luthier) and is 65% made with recycled materials.


How does it sound like?

Many say: that sound cannot come out from a "baguette-size" guitar. But it does. Minicorda sounds like a regular size nylon guitar and some early adopters said its sound is fat, warm, and with a long sustain. Please take a listen to the demos below.


Minicorda Specs:

  • Exclusive Hollow Neck Design.
  • Regular Tuning (EADGBE).
  • Scale Length: 17.71in / 45cm.
  • Fingerboard width at Nut: 2.04 in / 5,2 cm.
  • Total Length: 19.7 in. / 50 cm.
  • Total weight: 2.18 lbs. / 990 gr.
  • Allen Precision Tuning mechanism.
  • Electronics: Fishman Sonitone Mic and Pre-Amp.
  • Mono Audio Output (Plug).
  • Tone and volume controls.
  • One-piece (nothing to assemble:).
  • Materials: ABS Polymer and aluminum.

How much does it cost?

Minicorda is available for the introductory price of $270, including free worldwide shipping, at minicorda.com

Assembling and customising your guitar takes 2 weeks. Shipping worldwide takes 10 days (US within a week).

Return policy is also very important for the company. You can take your money back and send the instrument to the factory up to 1 month after receiving it.



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