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MIXOSAURUS DAW Drums Kit A updated to v1.1


MIXOSAURUS DAW Drums Kit A has been updated to v1.1.

This new version brings a few new features to Kit A, significantly expanding its range of possible applications:

  • "ECO" Instrument Patches: These have lower RAM requirements and faster loading times (down to 1/7 of the full patches). They will work even on "average" computers, and all programming you do with them will be 100% compatible with the full patches.
  • MIDI Translations: Built-in ability to understand MIDI drum tracks of all major MIDI drum formats: Addictive Drums, BFD, DFH, EZ Drummer, General MIDI. Also included are dedicated Translations for Roland's TD-3, TD-10 and TD-20, and for Yamaha's DTXplorer, DTXpress I + IV and DTXtreme II models.
  • E-Drum Playability: The mentioned Translations work out-of-the-box with the factory settings of the listed e-drums - some other brands/models might need minor MIDI implementation adjustments, most of them will work right away though (like the TD-12 with the MIXOSAURUS TD-20 Translation selected).
  • Performance Tuning Options: These allow to run Kit A at very small audio buffer settings (e.g. 64 samples at 44.1kHz sample rate).

The full v1.1 Update Manual can be freely downloaded from mixosaurus.com.



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