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MP MIDI updates MP Controller Software with New Features


MP MIDI has announced a new software update that transforms the MP Controller into a flexible MIDI app to control anything with MIDI via touch and physical encoders. A Cubase control surface is also included for Cubase 13.

The new MP MIDI Controller app is available as a plugin (VST3/AU/AAX) and as a standalone application for Mac and Windows that transforms the MP Controller hardware to a configurable, comprehensive MIDI controller.


  • The app features 32 encoders and 32 buttons on each of the 32 pages. That is a total of 1024 MIDI encoders and 1024 buttons ready to be used however the user sees fit.
  • Every button can be configured as Push, Toggle, or Permanent, providing versatility for various applications.
  • There are also extensive behavior options on the buttons so that you can mimic the buttons on plugins, external gear and DAW controls.
  • Furthermore, you can set the buttons to send notes which is great for triggering drum samples.
  • Buttons can carry images and colors, and be configured to open instantly other presets or navigate to other pages.
  • Therefore, with a touch of a button on the touch-screen one can switch fast between controlling different devices and software.
  • Presets can be customized and stored as favorites. There is an option to save with or without the encoder and button current values, which is great for reusability.
  • Integrated into the app is a convenient MIDI Router, offering simplicity and utility for controlling external devices by creating MIDI routings to different devices connected on the computer.
  • The MP MIDI app has incorporated an XY pad so you can control up to 6 parameters (3 on the Y-axis and 3 on the X-axis). This is useful for recording automation of multiple parameters and live performances.

A unique control surface for Cubase V13

With this update, the MIDI app also features a control surface for Cubase version 13 using the MIDI Remote Script by Steinberg.

With this control surface all the quick controls of Cubase are prelinked to physical encoders and dynamically switch to the selected Cubase component with their names and current values updated on screen.

In the same way, the control surface offers control for the Mix Console, Channel Strip, EQ, Audio effects and Instruments including all third party plugins and Cubase native devices.

Use two MP Controllers in the same DAW project

Additionally. with this update, users can connect two MP Controllers and set one to be used only for controlling third party plugins and the other controller to be used by the MP MIDI application or the MP Controller Ableton Control Surface.




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