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n-Track Studio v4.1.6 (beta) build 2043 released

n-Track Software

FASoft has released a new beta version of n-Track Studio (v4.1.6 build 2043).

Changes since v4.1.5 build 2032:

  • Import tracks from audio CD function.
  • Mixing/DSP performance improvements.
  • Fixed output gain knob having no effect on VST plugins applied on stereo channels.
  • Fixed problems recording when "Ask for names of wave files to be recorded" option is on and names without the ".wav" extension are entered.
  • Fixed recording not correctly compensating processing latency when using effects that add latency.
  • Fixed import wave file dialog box showing (null) instead of file length.
  • Fixed surround panner install problem.
  • Fixed n-Track DirectX plug-ins not appearing correctly in 3rd party host programs.
  • Surround Panner, Multiband Compressor, Tempo Delay and Graphic EQ effects added to the 64 bit version.
  • Buffering settings dialog box now says "Custom" when buffering no longer matches a preset configuration.
  • Fixed recording format dialog box showing ASIO Direct monitoring controls even with non-ASIO drivers.
  • Fixed spacebar sometimes not stopping recording.
  • Fixed occasional freezing when recording with Navigator window open.
  • Fixed crash when selecting "----Vst plugins----" entry in effects drop-down list.
  • Fixed crash when using Parametric EQ plug-in.
  • Fixed inconsistent display while dragging waveforms.


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