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n-Track releases Audioroute to connect audio apps on Android

n-Track Software

n-Track Software has released Audioroute, an Android open SDK that allows audio and music apps to send audio and MIDI between each other, in much the same way as it happens on iOS and desktop platforms.

Audioroute makes it possible to use a synth app inside a DAW, or send the output of a synth to an effect app, transfer audio between different recording apps and much more.

Audioroute is a system for routing audio and MIDI between Android apps. This means a user can simultaneously use different apps that generate or manipulate audio, and achieve unique combinations of sounds and effects.

Audioroute doesn't require any intermediary app. Hosts and hosted apps that support the SDK can be connected directly.

Audioroute is intended for musicians and music lovers who use Android smartphones or tablets to make music and sounds.

Developers can add Audioroute support to their audio apps by integrating the n-Track SDK, and make it discoverable by other apps supporting Audioroute. Audioroute is an open standard and the freeSDK allows to create both hosted apps (which behave kind of like plugins) and host apps.

Support for Audioroute is included in n-Track Studio and also in the Audioroute host sample app.



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