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Nektar release updated Panorama support for Reason 8


Nektar has released a new Panorama Reason installer (v1.2.3.0) delivering full Panorama compatibility with Reason 8 as well as backwards compatibility from Reason 5 and up.

New features include the ability to create devices in Reason 8, directly from Panorama, by selecting Reason default devices from a Panorama popup menu or navigating Rack Extensions in the Reason 8 browser. Building a track from scratch without the use of a mouse, is now a reality with Panorama.

A General MIDI setup has also been created for External MIDI Instruments providing parameter names for each control according to the GM specifications.

In addition, mapping for 24 new Rack Extensions has been added taking the total number of pre-mapped RE's to 139. The new maps include:

  • Jiggery Pokery - Combo Compact Organ.
  • Jiggery Pokery - Combo Continental Organ.
  • Propellerhead - A-List Electric Guitarist.
  • Propellerhead - External MIDI Instrument.
  • Blamsoft - Distributor.
  • QuadElectra - BeatChop.
  • DLD Technology - Analog Sequencer.
  • Red Rock Sound - Ivoks Synthesizer.
  • Ochen K. - Chip64 Synth.
  • JiggeryPokery - Ammo 100LA.
  • kiloHearts - Faturator.
  • Kilohearts - kHs One.
  • Kuassa - Cerberus Bass Amp.
  • LAB ONE Recordings - ReQ131 (update).
  • AirRaid Audio - Relapse Multi-Band Delay.
  • AirRaid Audio - Pandemic.
  • AirRaid Audio - Mutagen.
  • Softube - Amp.
  • Softube - Bass Amp.
  • Sononics - GSX Graphic Shaper/FX.
  • Robotic Bean - Euclid Rhythm Generator.
  • zvork - LeSpace.
  • Jiggery Pokery- Chenille Chorus Ensemble.
  • Quadelectra - 3Plex.

For a complete list of supported Rack Extensions visit www.nektartech.com/panorama-reason-rack-extensions-list

The Panorama update is compatible with the Panorama P1, P4 and P6 controllers and is available free to all Panorama users from My Downloads on the Nektar website.



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