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Reason Studios updates Reason to v12.6 - Offline Mode & Native Apple Silicon Support

Reason Studios

Reason Studios has announced that Reason has been updated to v12.6. The update includes native support for Apple Silicon and a new offline mode, both of which are designed to improve performance and workflow.

Reason now runs with up to 50% better performance on Apple Silicon computers (M1/M2)

Although Reason runs well with Rosetta on Apple Silicon computers, it adds an overhead that reduces performance. It may also create unwanted behaviour when using the Reason Rack Plugin since the host needs to run in Rosetta mode. This update removes all that friction by finally being able run natively on modern Macs.

High-end macs since late 2020 uses the Apple Silicon (M1/M2) processor. If you have bought a new Mac in the last three years (with the M1/M2 processor), this means updating to Reason 12.6 is a must to get the absolute best performance available.

New offline mode for both license owners and Reason+ subscribers

Have you ever experienced an internet outage, just as you were about to make some beats? Felt insecure if Reason would work at a venue or in your studio due to poor/missing WiFi? Perhaps you felt inspiration while on a plane or on a train, just to realise there is no internet connection?

When it comes to authenticating your computer for using Reason without internet, Reason has been relying on the same technology since Reason 4 and we're painfully aware that many of you have experienced problems using it. Besides being aged and sometimes clunky to use, the solution could not support our Reason+ users.

We set out on a journey almost a year ago to completely rethink what you require of Reason in terms of availability and this has resulted in an update that makes sure you are able to run Reason, wherever you are. All you need to do is log in to Reason once and you are covered if you lose internet access or if you are located off grid. We really like this feature and we think you will too.

This also mean that when you have purchased or started a trial of a Rack Extension, you only need to install it and launch Reason with an active internet connection to get going. Going to "My Products" to synchronize licenses and having to be online to use a Rack Extension trial is now a thing of the past.

At the time of release of the 12.6 update, every single Rack Extension runs natively on Apple Silicon, even if the Rack Extension is no longer maintained by its original developer.



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