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Nektar Technology releases Panorama - DAW Integration software for Studio One


Nektar Technology has announced that Panorama P1, P4, P6, T4 and T6 series of USB MIDI controllers now include DAW integration support for PreSonus Studio One. The new integration delivers a completely transparent control experience including features such as display of track and parameter names, extended transport control, project navigation, mixer operation, tweaking of virtual instruments and instant control of any selected parameter in Studio One.

Being able to tweak virtual instruments like hardware synths or mixing with full parameter feedback can speed up the workflow. Dedicated "Mixer" and "Instrument" mode buttons switch Panorama's control surface to take over the corresponding parameters in Studio One at the press of a button, literally.

In Instrument mode, all Studio One instruments such as Impact XT, Mojito, MaiTai, Sample One XT or Presence XT are pre-mapped, with the most commonly used sound parameters available for instant use from Panorama. Basic mapping for internal or 3rd party VST and AU instrument plugins can be easily created or tweaked by activating "Learn". For complete instrument control with deep mapping and universal patch management, Nektar's plugin host Nektarine can be used alongside Studio One DAW Integration at any time.

Mixer mode turns Panorama into a comprehensive mix surface with access to all channels organized in banks of eight each. What's more, a Soft Take-Over function prevents level jumping during mixing. The encoder section can be assigned to pan-, send- or macro- control. Depending on the Panorama model, the selected channel and master volume are available on fader 9 or the motor fader. This makes mixing with Panorama fast and intuitive.

A true time saver is the selected parameter control: Any parameter in Studio One can be assigned to Panorama's " Data" encoder, simply by selecting it with the mouse – always with full feedback on the Panorama display. This makes it very easy to instantly take over any parameter from the hardware for momentary control.

All Panorama controller models are supported by Nektar's new DAW integration software. With this addition, now all current Nektar controllers offer dedicated integration with Studio One: Including the PACER MIDI DAW Foot Controller, the entry level SE25/49 keyboards and the Impact GX and Impact LX+ ranges.


  • Extended transport control including setting locators, metronome, automation and undo.
  • Project navigation including switching channels, opening windows, zooming and more.
  • Full parameter feedback on Panorama display.
  • Encoders control Pan, sends, macro, automation and more.
  • Patch browsing for all internal instruments.
  • Open/close mixer view and instrument windows.
  • Maps customizable by using Studio One Learn.
  • All maps structured in the same way:
    • Faders 1-4 commonly mapped to amp envelope.
    • Faders 5-8 commonly mapped to filter envelope.
    • Fader 9/Motor Fader controls instrument main volume.
  • "Data" encoder click-control any visible parameter.
  • Control 8 channels at the same time, Bank -/+ to control more channels (1-8 / 9-16 etc.).
  • Current track controlled by fader 9 (or motor fader on P4 and P6).
  • Master Volume Control.
  • Volume assigned to faders 1-8. Solo, mute and channel selection via fader buttons.
  • Pan, sends or channel macros assignable to encoders.
  • Panorama P series offers additional control over channel inserts and insert plugins.
  • Soft Take-Over mode eliminates parameter value jumping.
  • Supports Nektarine PlugIn host for deep instrument mapping.

Price: The new Nektar DAW integration software is a free update for all registered Panorama users and available now as a download from their user account on nektartech.com.

System Requirements

  • Panorama MIDI controller (P1, P4, P6 or T4 and T6).
  • Studio One version 4 or higher.
  • Windows 7, 8, 10 or higher, Mac OS 10.7 or higher.




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