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New Sonic Arts updates Freestyle to v1.0955

New Sonic Arts

New Sonic Arts have updated Freestyle, the VST host for stage and studio, to v1.0955. The update includes the following enhancements:


  • New 'EventShaper' module: apply min/max and curve to velocity and CCs.
  • Added MIDI note output support for VST plugins (e.g. support for sequencers, arps, MIDI FX).
  • FXP and FXB files support.
  • Import VST presets option: resave VST program list as .fsvst files.
  • Missing VSTs: the filename of the missing VST is now displayed.
  • Structure View: improved auto-layout of disconnected modules.
  • Hold shift while drag and drop (or Insert menu) to add module without auto-wiring.
  • Improved some auto-wiring behavior.
  • Thumbnails now update in real-time in background when full editor is open.
  • KeySplit: Add Layer context menu entry.
  • Internal optimizations (including faster instantiation time).
  • Plugin 'Embed Samples in Host Projects' option now supports up to 16MB of samples.


  • Fixed dropped / stuck MIDI notes with some VSTs.
  • Fixed crash where drag-drop of plugins that open a dialog box on startup.
  • Fixed a Rack View bug where some root sources were hidden.
  • Fixed some graphical glitches when expanding rack levels.
  • VST database file could become corrupted during crash.
  • Windows: modifier keys (Shift, Ctrl, Alt) were broken in plugin.
  • 'Hanging modules' bug in structure view.
  • Some plugins were inserted as FX version by default (e.g. NI Maschine, resulting in the sequencer not running).
  • VSTs did not send correct clock events from Event outputs.
  • Fixed a crash on low spec OpenGL cards (without FBO support).

Registered users can download the update from the User Area. A free demo version is also available to download here.



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