MuTools has updated MuLab and MUX Modular VST to v7.2.23.

What's new:

  • Support for "New.MuRack" preset file: Whenever you create a new rack, then the "New.MuRack" preset file will automatically be loaded if it exists.
  • Sequence Player: When used inside the PolySynth the sequence editor was not showing the play position. Fixed.
  • Event Delay module: When using heavy randomization on short note events, that could lead to hanging notes. Fixed.
  • Inserting or dropping a module, MUX preset or VST into a rack now is an undoable step. At the same time this also fixes a potential crash issue when undoing related steps.
  • When having deleted a Send from a rack and undoing that, the Send's connections were not restored. Fixed.
  • Dropping a meta-parameter on another meta-parameter could cause a crash in specific cases. Fixed.
  • Oscillator: When used outside PolySynth, switching it off/on now resets the multi-layers.
  • Copy-pasting multi-layer setups between oscillators didn't work anymore. Fixed.
  • Fixed a potential crash when opening VST editors.
  • Note Dispatcher module: Overlapping notes with the same key could result in hanging notes. Fixed.
  • Fixed a recent new bug that could potentially cause some playback issues with parallel automation parts.
  • Finetuned rendering of automation and modulation envelopes into controller and parameter events. Previously in specific cases there could be small value offsets. Fixed.
  • As a consequence of the finetuned rendering of automation and modulation envelopes, the "Resolution" parameter has been removed from the Parameter Event Generator module editor.
  • MuLab: Pasting sequence parts now creates unique sequence parts, unless the "Standard Copy Part Is Shared Copy" preference is switched on.
  • MuLab: Double-clicking a MuProject file to launch MuLab with that project file did not properly work anymore due to a recent new bug. Fixed.
  • MuLab Free: Removed the limit on using multi-channel / multi-timbral MIDI tracks.
  • MuLab Free: Removed the limit on the number of MIDI inputs/outputs.
  • MUX Modular VST: Fixed a bug that could lead to crashes upon deleting the last MUX VST instance in the host.
  • MUX Modular VST: Fixed a broken link towards the docs.

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