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Nextmidi updates Divisimate to v1.1


NextMIDI has officially released version 1.1 of their realtime orchestration software Divisimate.

The new version comes as a free update to all existing and future users and introduces a variety of new features and improvements to the original release.


Logic Mode

The Logic Mode was built to simplify the setup in the popular DAW Logic Pro X. Due to limitations in the MIDI routing, Logic is only able to use 16 of the 32 Divisimate ports at a time. Prior to this update it also required a workaround in the MIDI environment. With this update, NextMIDI introduce a special mode for Divisimate that makes this workaround unnecessary and the setup within existing projects much simpler.


Port Properties & Channel Selection

For every row of the orchestration matrix the port and MIDI Channel can now freely be specified and saved as part of the orchestration preset. This allows a more integrated workflow with multitimbral templates and single standalone instances of Samplers and Synthesizers.

Plugin and Preset Drag & Drop

Plugins on the orchestrate page can now be moved around and copied freely. Presets can now be assigned to the perform page by drag & drop from the explorer or finder.

On top of that there have been multiple smaller changes and improvements to the software. The full list of changes can be found at www.divisimate.com/updates



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