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NOVUZEIT releases The Hands Of Darkness v1.0


NOVUZEIT has released The Hands Of Darkness, VST instrument for Windows with one purpose - to create dark, unsettling organic/metallic ambient textures.

The Hands Of Darkness is a synthesizer consisting of three layered oscillators using abstract mathematics to form their waveforms (each layer can be turned off to save CPU). These layers of waveforms emit idiosyncratic tones which are sequentially molested into menacing sounds to ultimately combine into one final synergy of "delightful corruption". It allows you to create "subtle warbly puddles of mercury, harsh abrasive fields of rust, or even robotic cascades of binary dementia; ghostly drones, or morphing dissonant cavalcades".

Each of the three sound generator layers includes an Oscillator with LFO pitch, LFO phase shift, ADSR, artifacting pitch shift with LFO, granulizer with LFO, bitcrusher with LFO, delay with timing offsets and modulation plus LFO, auto-panner, analog filter, and individual volume control. A global reverb is also included.

The Hands Of Darkness is available as a VST instrument for Windows and costs $21.95. A demo version is available.



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