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Orchestra Tools releases Berlin Symphonic Strings

Orchestral Tools

Orchestra Tools has released Berlin Symphonic Strings with a special offer. Berlin Symphonic Strings as part of the renowned Berlin Series. Here's what they say:

Berlin Symphonic Strings delivers rich, cinematic sound with large sections for creating vivid string arrangements. Captured at the renowned Teldex Scoring Stage, this library extends the sonic possibilities of the Berlin Series while retaining its unparalleled, pristine character. Combining exceptional playability with impeccable musicality, Berlin Symphonic Strings sets a new standard for sampled orchestral strings.

Discover how this addition to the Berlin Series raises the bar for playability and realism. In this video, learn how to make the most of the three legato modes for producing authentic melodies, ostinatos, and fast runs.


Berlin Symphonic Strings offers exceptionally large sections of orchestral string instruments for a rich, cinematic sound:

  • 18 first violins.
  • 16 second violins.
  • 14 violas.
  • 12 celli.
  • 8 basses.

Melodic Legato

Captured in musical context, the Melodic Legato mode produces lifelike and musical transitions between notes while incorporating natural vibrato. With its long transition samples, Melodic Legato is especially useful when playing themes, slow phrases, and passages.

Pattern Legato

Optimized for ostinato patterns, Pattern Legato eliminates the machine gun effect of other sample libraries by using a round-robin approach, with three samples for every transition. Varying the sound of repeating notes delivers natural, organic results.

Rapid Legato

Developed for playing fast runs with the large string sections of Berlin Symphonic Strings, Rapid Legato yields new levels of realism that easily surpass results from other libraries. Even the fastest melodies are now 100% playable and convincing.

In situ–everything in its right place

For heightened realism, all Berlin Symphonic Strings instruments were recorded with musicians in their traditional orchestra seating positions. This in situ approach helps to ensure that instruments are in perfect equilibrium and blend together naturally.


  • Large-scale orchestral string library with 68 instruments captured in 5 sections.
  • Three innovative legato modes—Melodic Legato, Pattern Legato, and Rapid Legato—that enhance the playability and realism for melodies, ostinatos, and fast runs.
  • Sampled in situ, with the players in a traditional seating arrangement, for balanced, authentic sound out of the box.
  • 100% playable—no pre-recorded patterns.
  • Four dynamic levels—from pianissimo to triple forte—plus numerous articulations for maximum expression.
  • Multiple mergeable mic positions for customizing the mix.
  • Recorded at the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin.

Runs in SINE Player

Get the SINE player for free: www.getsine.com. SINE is designed to complement the compositional workflow. Create on the fly with auto keyswitch options, and easy remapping tools. Choose only the instruments and mic positions that you currently need—no need to download the entire collection at once.

Price: €549). Berlin Strings owners can crossgrade for €399.

Find out more and hear the demos at orchestraltools.com/.../berlin-symphonic-strings



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