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Orchestral Tools updates Sine Player to v1.0.6

Orchestral Tools

Orchestral Tools has updated the Sine Player to version 1.0.6. The update includes AAX support, optimizations and improvements to the Mic Merge feature and some major UX improvements.

New Features:

  • AAX Support. SINE Player now is available as an AAX plugin for Pro Tools.
  • Mic Merge improvements: Mic Merge has been optimized with better support for different merge configurations and will now use all available processing power of your machine. We strongly recommend to only use Mic Merge in Standalone or while playback is stopped.
  • Re-designed Virtual Keyboard with optimized Playable Range and KS Range Controls:
    • The Virtual Keyboard has been re-designed and features a clearer color scheme that will show used/unused black keys.
    • The active keyswitch is now highlighted; as are keyswitches when hovering.
    • If the Playable Range has been adjusted in either direction, a thin line above the keys will show the extended/recorded range.
    • If the Playable Range has been shifted, a +/- indicator next to the drag arrows will show the transposition.The Keyswitch logic has been improved; KS will intelligently move out of the way.
  • New Store/MyLicenses Framework: The Store and MyLicenses sections now use a new framework, using you OS's native renderer.
  • The Variations can now be set per loaded articulation when dragging the slider with the mouse. This allows for crossfading for example vibrato styles in a Polymap. Changing variations via MIDI CC will continue to affect all variations on that particular MIDI Channel.
  • SINEplayer now supports the Auto Sustain functionality (an upcoming free content update for Metropolis Ark 1's guitars is required for this to work).

UI Improvements:

  • It is possible again to switch off the sustain pedal in the Articulation Options.
  • If an articulation has more than nine velocity layers, the DYN tab in the Articulation Options will now show a scroll bar.
  • The re-designed virtual keyboard brings optimized UI performance when making changes to ranges.The keyboard arrows will no longer vanish when no instrument is loaded.

Performance and Reliability Improvements:

  • SINE Player now reliably works with hosts requiring variable buffer sizes, such as FL Studio.
  • Fixed a small and very rare memory corruption issue with the progress bar.
  • Changes to the Controller Map will be saved in presets and dutifully reloaded.
  • If the drive containing actively loaded instrument loses connection, SINE will no longer freeze.
  • Deleting a collection from disk and then entering My Licenses will no longer make SINE crash.
  • If a variation was selected with the mouse (instead of via MIDI CC), upon re-opening a sequencer project, this variation will now play correctly (instead of playing the default variation until the SINE UI was opened).
  • Saved sampler states will now correctly show empty keys in the playable range.
  • If an instrument's MIDI channel is set to 'Omni', it will now correctly react to all channels after reloading the project, not just to channel 1.
  • If you switch legato styles within one articulation, unused styles will now be unloaded and reloaded correctly.
  • SINEplayer now reacts to CC123 ('All notes off') and reacts better to stopping playback in the middle of a note.
  • Windows: The installer will now remember your install locations and chosen plugin formats when updating.


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