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Organic Instruments releases Arcadia: Grand Piano

organic instruments

Organic Instruments has announced the release of arcadia, a nuanced grand piano plug-in that features over 13½ hours of sampled content, 4 specialised articulations and adjustable mechanical sounds for keys and pedals.

The arcadia grand piano plug-in was developed over a period of 4 months by Organic Instruments. Recorded within a private family lounge, arcadia contains a set of four distinct articulations: sustained, staccato, felted and una corda. Each articulation features up to 5 recorded dynamic layers and four round-robins per sample. Additional mechanical effects are also included which allow the composer to independently adjust the mix of pedal and key action sounds. The large scope of recorded material contained within arcadia addresses Organic Instruments' primary intent, to craft a plug-in capable of realistic performance without unnecessary complexity:

We felt an earnest desire for a natural grand piano plug-in, that could replicate a physical performance with realism, but didn't confuse or overwhelm its users. Something with a clean interface, rich sound and accessible price-point, while preserving the function and form expected of a high-end product.

Arcadia is our answer to this need.

organic instruments

arcadia includes a built-in filter to optionally restrict the dynamic scope of the instrument to a specified range, designed to assist in performance by reigning-in unintentionally accentuated or under-played notes. Included reverb and ADSR envelope controls also simplify the workflow of composers, allowing customisation of the plug-in's sound from one unified space.

Organic Instruments provide audio demonstrations for arcadia on their website, featuring examples of all included articulations. The total sample size for arcadia is approximately 4GB; the product may be installed on external storage if desired.


  • Up to 5 dynamic/velocity layers per sample.
  • Up to 4 round-robins per sample.
  • Contains 4 specialised articulations: sustained, staccato, felted & una corda.
  • Includes additional samples of internal key and pedal mechanics.
  • Includes a dynamic/velocity filter.
  • Built-in reverb and ADSR envelope controls.
  • Resizeable plug-in interface.


arcadia is available from the organic instruments website for $29. A 7 day trial edition is available free of charge:

Video: Arcadia: Grand Piano Plug-in



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