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phantomdevices.org releases “Hexaglyphics” - Performance-Oriented Noise Generator for iPad


phantomdevices.org has announced the release of Hexaglyphics, a 13-bit noise generator for iPad with an interface based on an original alphabet for hexadecimal values. It can turn gestures into a wide range of noise sweeps, zaps/clicks, squarish oscillations and abstract sounds.

Hexaglyphics has an introductory price of 3.99$ / 3.99€ until May 22nd, then the standard price will be 5.99$ / 5.99€. It's available now in the App Store.


  • Multitouch control zone with frequency of the noise oscillator on the x axis and (linear) amplitude on the y axis. The data of multiple touch are used consecutively each oscillator cycle. Every value generated is visualized in this control zone, white are positive values and grey are negative values.
  • Multitouch filter bar: Bandpass filter when you use one finger or Lowpass/Highpass combination when you use two fingers. Filters frequencies are not smoothed so with the right fast gestures you can execute some kinds of strange clicky sounds.
  • Latch mode for holding down the touched points even when you raise your fingers, useful for further processing the sound using external effects or plugins.
  • Click mode for generating one-frequency-cycle clicks.
  • Buttons for selecting one of four different noise generation modes.
  • Audiobus 2 integration.


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