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Plughugger releases "Future Sound of Retro Acid House" for u-he Repro


Plughugger has released Future Sound of Retro Acid House, a new soundset for u-he Repro inspired by the Acid House genre from the late '80s / early '90s.

The soundset contains everything you need for a complete production, including resonant basses, hard kicks and percussion, drones/textures and Plughugger put a major focus on sequences using the sequencer and programmable modulation in Repro-1.

Apart from the sounds for u-he Repro, Plughugger also recorded the drum sounds and added them as 24-bit WAV files.

Future Sound of Retro Acid House contains 209 patches and 43 audio files.

Repro-1 Presets (97 sounds):

  • 97 Sequences / Arpeggios.

Repro-5 Presets (112 sounds):

  • 39 Bass sounds.
  • 9 Synth sounds.
  • 16 Pads / Soundscapes.
  • 36 Drums.
  • 12 Effects.

Audio files (43 sounds):

  • 43 Unprocessed drum sounds recorded from the soundset.

All audio files are 24-bit/44 kHz mono. All presets also come in Native Instruments NKS format, tagged and ready.

Intro Price: Until the 27th of October you can buy Future Sound of Retro Acid House for 9.90 Euro (35% off). Use coupon code HUMANOID to get the discount. Ordinary price is 14.90 Euro.




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