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Plugin Boutique update VirtualCZ to v1.0.1

Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique have updated VirtualCZ Phase Distortion Synth to v1.0.1 fixing several issues and adding a new "Auto send SysEx" function.

Users can download the update from within your Plugin Boutique User Account or new users can download a free demo trial here.


  • Quantise hz/ms/cents 0-99 conversions.
  • Stop re-triggering held notes on preset/certain parameter changes.
  • Fixed voice stealing when note-ons arrive in same block (i.e. chords).
  • (SYSEX) Added "Auto Send SYSEX" option to TOOLS menu (send SYSEX on param change).
  • (WIN) Store preset button no longer gets stuck.
  • (SYSEX) Fixed sending to CZ101/CZ1000/CZ3K/CZ5K.
  • (Manual) A couple of corrections.
  • OSC "set both shapes" button easier to click.
  • LCD message on SYSEX format/model selection.
  • Fixed inverted sustain pedal response.
  • Release notes on sustain pedal up rather than soft-kill them.
  • Sustain pedal works in monophonic mode.
  • Tuning table supports .tun files with no base frequency specified.
  • (WIN) Standalone app runs on XP.
  • (AAX) Fixed mouse wheel control jumpy-ness.


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