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PolygonSheep releases Stealth Delay


PolygonSheep has released the Stealth Delay multi-effect delay plug-in. Stealth Delay is a professional stereo delay plug-in with a multitude of high quality effects and filters to take your audio tracks to new spaces. It features independent left & right delay controls, independent feedback controls, high quality non-modulated effects, and a host of modulated effects including 3 filter types, a phaser, chorus, and volume. The GUI is resizable to accommodate high resolution monitors and allows customization through 12 different color schemes. Mouse over tool tips will tell you exactly what each knob does so you're never lost.

Stealth Delay is designed to be a versatile delay and effects plug-in, while maintaining a simple control flow and an easy to learn layout. A user can use just the delay section, the effects section, or the modulation section individually, or any combination of sections together.


  • Stereo, Mid/Side, & Ping-Pong delay modes.
  • Linked or independent left / right delay amounts.
  • Sync left / right delay amounts to your DAW's tempo.
  • Linked or independent left / right feedback amounts.
  • Independent HP and LP filters in feedback loop.
  • Five audio effects - diffusion, overdrive, ducking, reverse, and gate.
  • Six modulation effects - LPF, HPF, Notch Filter, Phaser, Chorus, and Volume.
  • Four LFO wave shapes to control modulation effects.
  • All filters are ZDF (zero delay feedback) SVFs (state variable filters).
  • Resonance adjust for LPF & HPF modulation.
  • Bandwidth adjust for Notch filter modulation.
  • Modulation effects can be added premix (wet signal only) or postmix (dry and wet combined signal).
  • Sync LFO rate to your DAW's tempo.
  • Sleep mode preserves CPU when no signal is detected.
  • A / B comparison testing.
  • Global bypass.
  • Separate Input and Output gain / attenuation.
  • Presets manager.
  • Mouse over tool tips.
  • Twelve color schemes.
  • Gamma adjust.
  • Resizable GUI (retina screen & 4K friendly).

Price: $39.95 USD. There is a limited-time off of $29.95 USD until December 15, 2016.

A free demo is available at www.polygonsheep.com



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