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Quantovox releases Ringotron - Multi-Band Ring Modulator Plugin for iOS


Quantovox has announced the release of Ringotron, a multi-band ring modulator plugin for iOS.

Ringotron allows taming the strong transformational effects of traditional ring modulation, opening up a wider range of possibilities in sound design and audio FX.

Its multi-band design enables fine control over which parts of the spectrum will be transformed by the effect. A special soft mode is available that borrows concepts from feedback modeling, which can be used to reduce intermodulation effects that are often a limiting factor in the more general applicability of ring modulators.

In addition to the layers of control they provide, combination of these core features also allows the plugin to act as a stereo, multi-peak resonant filter that can also smoothly morph into a ring modulator.


  • 2 parallel ring modulator units (max. modulator frequency: 8 kHz).
  • Stereo separation can be added to band center, mod. frequency, mod. phase.
  • Ultra-narrow bands can be used to create highly resonant sounds.
  • 4 large ribbon controls for band center and modulator frequencies.
  • Band center frequencies can be modulated by the built-in modulation system.
  • Tempo syncing can be independently configured for each oscillator.
  • Built-in soft limiter and clipper to protect against volume spikes.

Price: $3.99 in the App Store.



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