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Attila M. Magyar releases free MPE Emulator v0.0.1 for Windows and Linux (VST2/VST3)

Attila M. Magyar

Attila M. Magyar has announced the release of MPE Emulator, a VST plugin for enhancing non-MPE MIDI streams with MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) capabilities based on user-defined mappings and rules.

MPE Emulator is a MIDI proxy: an intermediary plugin which turns non-polyphonic, single channel aftertouch (channel pressure), pitch bend, or any MIDI Control Change (CC) message into polyphonic by applying them selectively to the lowest, highest, oldest, or newest note, either across the whole keyboard or restricted to a range of keys based on a configurable keyboard split point.

It can also remap and reshape controller data, and do various other tricks to increase the expressiveness of a musical performance.



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