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Rekliner Records releases Loopy Llama v0.8

Rekliner Records

Rekliner Records had released Loopy Llama v0.8 - made to emulate the Jam Man or Line6 DL-4 - but also generates a click track so it could be used with a drummer live. It is designed to work with Plogue Bidule for live performance, but it can be used as a regular VST plugin as well.

It performs just like many hardware looper units on the market, but with a maximum loop time of 60 seconds.

Experienced loopers will recognize "endpoints" mode - where you hit the record button to start recording, and again at the end of the loop. In the other 3 record modes, you determine the tempo before you play by entering it or tapping it in onscreen or with any MIDI foot controller.

Once the tempo is set you no longer have to worry about hitting the record button precisely on a downbeat. You can play along to the click track and turn recording on and off whenever you want. You can set the number of measures to loop using a program change or onscreen. In endpoints mode this means how many clicks the metronome will make during the loop.

If you are recording, hitting reset once will "forget" what you played for one pass of a loop - so if you hit a wrong note you don't have to start over. If it not recording or you hit the reset button twice it will completely reset.


  • Create loops in real time.
  • You can tap in a tempo or type it in, or sync to host.
  • Generates a MIDI click track and sends VSTTimeinfo to host.
  • Can use a MIDI foot controller for hands free operation.
  • Can decay loops for slowly evolving Robert Fripp type action.
  • Can reverse loops, even on the instant you mark the loop ending.
  • If you make a mistake you can "undo" the pass of the loop you were adding.
  • Can have multiple instances synced together for multi-part loops.

Loopy Llama v0.8 beta is currently available for Windows as a VST effect plug-in; an OS X version is also in development.



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