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Rekliner Records releases Loopy Llama v0.9.1

Rekliner Records

Rekliner Records has released version 0.9.1 of Loopy Llama.


  • NEW FEATURE: 1st loop sets beats; You no longer need to know the number of beats beforehand (you never did for endpoints mode). Whenever you mark the second loop point it will count that as the last beat. It's one less thing to worry about if you are playing to a click or synced to Ableton.
  • NEW FEATURE: It quantizes the loop to the closest beats you pressed the button to when not in endpoints mode; this makes it really easy to loop live and not worry about timing. If you are a little early it waits until the beat to start recording; if you are late it includes the audio since the beat started without skipping.

NOTE: The combination of the above 2 features completely changes how loopy llama works when playing to a click or pre-recorded tracks. This should make looping as an insert effect much easier.

  • NEW FEATURE: File save and load; Based on pressure from the "save the loops" campaign.
  • NEW FEATURE: The metronome outputs audio, not just a MIDI click, and will output as a separate track or with the loop.
  • It keeps recording after 2nd hit unless you hit play in place of record - like dl-4.
  • Beat offset setting for transport lock mode, so you can change the location of beat 1 relative to the track.
  • Much more CPU friendly; LPF is more efficient as is the main process loop.
  • It no longer resets when BPM or beats change - just truncates or adds silence to the loop.
  • The buttons that don't apply to a certain record mode now disappear for that mode; meaning pause is gone for transport sync and tap is only there for tap tempo mode.
  • Compatibility for older foot-pedals has been ditched for simplicity's sake; you can no longer add 1 to incoming program changes or use a foot-pedal that toggles between on and off values by pressing the button twice. This was known as Record button toggle mode.
  • Bugfix: If you hit reset and immediately record and reverse the loop it doesn't completely clear the buffer.
  • Bugfix: Fixed memory leak in GUI and when closing the plugin (didn't release right channel buffers).
  • Bugfix: In endpoints if you hit clear before marking the second endpoint the record light didn't turn off.
  • Bugfix: Pause was not unpausing if done through MIDI.
  • Bugfix: Tap Tempo was not updating through MIDI correctly.
  • Bugfix: Play button stayed down if pressed through MIDI.
  • New expiration date is September 1st, 2006. It displays the date in a text-box now.


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