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Sagan Technology has updated Metro to v6.4.4

Sagan Technology

Sagan Technology has updated Metro to v6.4.4.


  • Support for Cocoa UI AudioUnits.
  • Search field in the plug-ins window.
  • VST support for plugins with outputs up to 128. However only the first 32 will produce any output per plug-in.
  • Swing field of the graphic editor makes it possible to quantize and step edit to a swing value.
  • Volume field in the graphic editor.
  • Pan field in the graphic editor.
  • When the program starts a new progress dialog shows the plug-in scanning process.
  • When the graphic editor is zoomed way in it is now possible to select multiple measures by clicking the black bar number. Also tics represent single measures in this view.
  • Expand subsections now adds the subsection names as marker to the expanded sequence.
  • Audio Unit Generator types are loosely supported.
  • If a media file cannot be deleted, usually because it is selected in the finder, it is moved to the trash instead.
  • Setting the 'Let Plugin Resize Edit Window' flag now prevents the plug-in's edit window from being resized when a document containing that plug-in is loaded.
  • Mixing audio defaults to the maximum bit size the application supports.


  • Improved dialog support including tabbing through items.
  • Support of long notes (notes longer than 65535 ticks) has been fixed.
  • Improved Rewire support.
  • Pressing the help key (Cmd-?) now works in the keyboard window.
  • It was possible that the change ports dialog would not come up even though ports were missing.
  • Loading of .fxp and .fxb files is now working on all platforms. Bank presets had never loaded properly before this version.
  • Aux return automation works even when no plug-ins are on the aux buss.
  • Automation is no longer sent to aux busses while jukebox is playing.
  • Metronome was getting inadvertently muted in some cases.
  • Markers were not being pasted in some cases.
  • A crash could occur if trying to automate a plug-in with no parameters.
  • The duplicate command now merges data instead of replacing.
  • Plug-ins that accept audio and MIDI can now have their audio input disabled and remembered by setting their input select to 'none'. This prevents audio from being unintentionally recorded in some cases.
  • Pitch bend note display in Graphic editor is more accurate.
  • SMPTE display was incorrect when zoomed in very far in the graphic editor.
  • It was possible to click on soft synth in the graphic editor causing a crash while a document was loading.
  • The '[' and ']' keys now properly select all the underlying controller data as well as the previous and next notes respectively.
  • Improvements in loading Intel saved documents before 6.4 by working around the badly endian swapped plug-in data problem.
  • Multiple tracks assigned to an insert plug-in would mute incorrectly at certain times.
  • A crash could occur in rare circumstances when importing program names.
  • The tracks window is only repositioned if the selection has changed since last activate.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and other improvements.


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