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Sagan Technology Metro v6.3.5.4 (pre) now available

Sagan Technology

Sagan Technology has made a new pre-release version of Metro, v6.3.5.4, available for download.


  • New slider in the jukebox window for setting the current playback position.
  • New plug-in option 'configure to stereo output', forces AU plug-ins to use a single stereo output where applicable. This enhances support for MOTU's MachFive plug-in. For users who wish to use MachFive within Metro, please read this important tip.
  • Play Quantize has been implemented for MIDI soft synths.
  • Some Intel-Mac plug-ins were causing some of Metro's dialogs to display completely white with just an OK button. This has been corrected.
  • A crash could occur by selecting a clef in the notation setup track dialog. This time it really is fixed.
  • A problem could occur if a document was dragged on the Metro icon while Metro was performing a mix or render operation.
  • When saving .ins files, Metro was not including the correct drum sets for soft-synth devices.
  • In certain instances, no error message was displayed when a plugin failed to load.
  • Dynamically created program names are now correctly loaded for Audiounit plug-ins. This was broken in
  • Program name banks are now correctly updated and automatically assigned in the current Metro document after modifications are made via the program names dialog.
  • Find program was not working correctly for soft-synths.
  • A crash could have occurred when disposing of a plug-in if its interface was visible and the plug-in only existed in the undo history.
  • It should now be impossible to click away from the about window and have it remain visible.
  • Better .ins file support.
  • Miscellaneous cosmetic enhancements to dialogs.
  • The note edit event dialog now allows the clock and beat fields to be decremented below zero if possible. For example, assuming a PPQ of 384, if the current duration is 1 beat, decrementing the clock field will set the clock to 383 and the beat to 0.
  • Arming and disarming tracks are now undoable.
  • A problem whereby clicking in the graphic editor track's title bar could erroneously bring up options when master volume or tempo was selected.
  • Better support for AU plug-ins that have updated their type.
  • Metro now detects if an open audio file has been replaced in the same folder. This could happen if a user goes to the finder, moves an in-use file to the trash and then places a new file in the original location with the original name. This is not a good thing to do. An error message will be displayed.
  • A bug in Rhythm Explorer's recording has been corrected.


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