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Sagan Technology updates Metro to v6.3.8.6

Sagan Technology

Sagan Technology has updated Metro to v6.3.8.6.

Fixed in this version:

  • Groove quantize was not working for factory grooves on Mac Intel machines.
  • In some cases the continuous data display was incorrect.
  • Using the mouse wheel to scroll an unselected pane in the graphic editor would cause the program names field to flash in some cases.
  • Vastly improved compatibility with Access Music's Virus TI plug-in.
  • Better CoreAudio support for half duplex devices.
  • Certain undo operations would not restore the track selection correctly.
  • Inserting an event from the section event editor would clear the entire undo history.
  • In some cases Mixing audio could be slowed by continuous unnecessary refreshing of the graphic editor.
  • Recording of MIDI volume and pan information would fail in some cases.
  • On Intel macs only, real time audio track edits would occasionally send a small amount of bad data (big-endian) to plug-ins causing them to sometimes crash, spike or go silent.
  • Software audio play-through is now automatically disabled if a direct output is selected.
  • On rare occasions it was possible that audio recording could miss a buffer if the thread priority was set to anything other than none.
  • A rare crash could occur if there were no MIDI devices.
  • The jukebox would incorrectly try to add ID3 tags to .MP4 files.
  • Automating on a track assigned directly to a port was creating an automation track with no output assignment.


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