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Raw Material Software has released version 1.42 of Juce and version 1.15 of the Audio Plugin Framework.


  • Jucer: fix for crash when trying to add items to a button.
  • Optimisation for UndoManager when there's a lot of items.
  • Added multiple file selection as an option for the FileChooser (using native dialogs, not yet juce file browsers).
  • Added some colour IDs for rotary slider colours.
  • New method: PopupMenu::addSectionHeader().
  • Tweaked the way that options are passed to the PropertiesFile constructor, and added an option to save the file as XML.
  • New method: Slider::setSkewFactorFromMidPoint().
  • Jucer: added an option to specify a virtual parent class for components, so that you can edit a component of your own class using a built-in type (e.g. edit your own slider subclass using the slider class). Thanks to kraken for this idea.
  • Plugins: added support for current-program-only settings to be saved for VSTs.
  • Changes to the way events are dispatched on the mac, to make use of mouse-tracking. This was necessary to avoid problems embedding HIViews in juce windows, and hopefully shouldn't cause any problems anywhere else in the code.
  • Altered the way Files are stored internally to avoid ambiguity between "/" (on mac/linux) and File::nonexistent. Previously all files were stored without a trailing slash, but now in the case of the root dir, the slash is kept.


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