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Sion Software releases QuickScore Elite Level II 2009

Sion Software

Sion Software has announced the release of QuickScore Elite Level II 2009, which is QuickScore Elite 12.0's new big brother.

QuickScore Elite Level II 2009 New Features

QuickScore Elite Level II 2009 adds professional audio recording, mixing, playback and file exporting. There is now support for ReWire, audio automation, multiple simultaneous audio inputs and outputs, and professional sampling rates and sample sizes. And all audio paths in the new Audio Mixer are up to 8 channels wide, to easily accommodate such applications as 5:1 and 7:1 surround sound mixing.

Audio Mixer
Sion Software added a new Audio Mixer, complete with 32-bit floating point buffers, adjustable audio paths for each audio input pair, VSTi instrument, audio track, ReWire input pair and master output. Adjust gain and pan settings and add up to 4 insert effects and 4 send effects on each audio path. All audio paths may be up to 8 channels wide and accept plugins with up to 8 inputs and outputs. And every channels on each audio path can be assigned to the output channel you want.

Record multiple audio tracks simultaneously
In the Audio Editor, it is now possible to record several tracks of audio at once. Plug in as many inputs as your sound card allows, and record all the members of your band or orchestra together, instead of one at a time.

ReWire devices and instruments are supported, letting you mix audio from programs like Propellerheads' Reason or Ableton Live and use any instruments available in those programs in QuickScore.

Audio automation
Control track faders and pan pots in QuickScore's audio mixer from the controls of any physical mixer connected to your computer by MIDI. Record fader movements and have them play back as you recorded them.

Up to 96 simultaneous audio input and output channels
Recording and playback of up to 96 simultaneous audio input and output channels is supported.

Professional sampling rates and sample sizes
Audio sampling rates of up to 19.2 MHz and sample sizes of 24 bits are supported.

Export audio from the audio mixer
Exporting audio from the audio mixer is possible. Export stereo MP3 or Wave files with up to 8 channels at selectable sampling rates and bit depths.

Plugins with multiple audio inputs and outputs
Audio plugins with up to 8 audio input and output channels are supported.

Flexible plugins directory
Use of the system VST plugins directory for audio plugins is now possible, making it easier to share and keep track of your VST plugins. This can be selected in the Audio Setup dialog under the Options menu.

Pricing & Availability

Priced at $179.95, QuickScore Elite Level II 2009 is available now for Windows.



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