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NAMM 2014Slate Digital introduces VMS - Virtual Microphone System

Slate Digital

Slate Digital has announced VMS - Virtual Microphone System and will be showing it off at NAMM 2014 by having an actual A/B of a famous vintage 47 microphone right alongside the new Slate VMS system for all trade-show visitors to hear for themselves. Visit booth #6921.

The VMS Virtual Microphone System

"Imagine having a microphone locker filled with the world's most classic vintage and modern microphones. Audition dozens of microphones on any source to find the perfect match. Then pair the microphone with the ideal microphone preamplifier to finalize the recording chain."

The ML-1 is a high definition, ultra linear, large diaphragm microphone. It has precise transient reproduction, flat frequency response, and super wide bandwidth, making it the ideal blank canvas on which to impart the colorful vibe of classic tube and condenser microphones. The capsule proximity effect precisely replicates the classic cardioid response of vintage large diaphragm mics.

The ML-2, like the ML-1, is high definition, linear, low distortion, and clean. It can handle an spl of 135dB with ease making it an ideal instrument microphone. When combined with the VMS plug-in module, this tiny microphone can model classic dynamic microphones, classic small diaphragm condensers, and even ribbon microphones.

VMS Dual Preamp Converter
To ensure that the ML-1 and ML-2 avoid any color when recorded to the workstation, Slate created the VMS Dual Preamp/Converter. Using state of the art amplifiers and converters, this linear and clean circuit is the final step in ensuring that the most pure signal is created, giving the VMS plug-in module the opportunity to add the perfect reproduction of classic microphones and preamps.

VMS Plug-in Module
The final piece of the VMS system is the VMS plugin module. This module turns the clean signal coming from the VMS hardware into classic recreations of famous microphones and microphone preamps. It accomplishes this through complex algorithms that are the result of a new state of the art physical modeling process that is ultimately tuned by ear. The VMS algorithms add zero latency, so recording in realtime through the emulations is easy on a new powerful native system.




Discussion: Active
1 February 2014 at 1:09pm

if this beast has SONY c800 GPAC in its portfolio i will give a try ;)

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