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NAMM 2024SOMA Laboratory Launches Metaconformer Modular MIDI Processor

SOMA Laboratory

SOMA Laboratory, known for its synthesizers like the LYRA-8, has released Metaconformer, a new modular MIDI processor. This device goes beyond traditional MIDI utilities by offering unique instrument routing capabilities, enabling users to connect instruments in novel ways. It simplifies managing multitimbral sound sources in MIDI environments.

Metaconformer utilizes the MIDI protocol in creative ways and provides enhanced control over complex instrument setups. It features three primary modes:

  1. Splitter Mode: This mode divides a keyboard into up to 8 zones, each assignable to a different instrument or MIDI channel. It allows for simultaneous operation of multiple synthesizers. Grooveboxes that accept several MIDI channels can also be used to create multitimbral setups. Zones are flexible, intersecting, and include a transposition option.

  2. Combiner Mode: Users can combine up to 8 different instruments into a single multitimbral polysynth. The Metaconformer receives notes from its input MIDI channel and distributes them across different 'voice' MIDI channels, similar to a classic polyphonic setup but with diverse sounds for each voice.

  3. Translator Mode: This mode enables the use of MIDI notes to control sound parameters like resonating filters or paraphonic oscillators, effectively functioning as a configurable key track. A MIDI note can be translated into a corresponding parameter value.

Metaconformer is designed for easy setup and operation, emphasizing simplicity and user experience. Configuring each mode involves 3 to 4 straightforward steps, without the need for extensive MIDI knowledge or menu diving.

Available now through SOMA dealers worldwide, Metaconformer is priced at $184.99.




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