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Sonic Flavours R66 Reverb Group Buy

Sonic Flavours

Sonic Flavours has started a Group Buy for the R66 Reverb with a potential saving of 40% if at least 120 people sign up before 24:00 CET on October 15th 2005.

With each new participant the price will drop by 0.33333%. When there are 120 buyers, the base price of US$89.40 / EU€71.40 will be reached.

To participate you must make an initial payment of US$89.40 or EU€71.40 (the lowest price achievable). The final price is determined by the total number of participants; the fewer the participants, the larger the extra amount you will have to pay to obtain your R66 registration key.

If, by 15 October, fewer than 120 buyers have participated, Sonic Flavours will calculate the final price and e-mail all the participants an invoice requesting them to pay the remaining amount. Participants will receive their key by e-mail once they have paid the remaining amount. If there are 120 or more participants anytime before October 15th, Sonic Flavours will immediately distribute all the keys. In that case the group buy will go on until October 15th but the price will stop dropping.

When the group buy is over, the R66 will be available again for US$149 or EU €119.



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