sonicLAB has updated Cosmosƒ Plugin "advanced stochastic synthesizer" to V2.2.

This update boosts the performance of Cosmosƒ Plugin by about 30%.

  • Independent quantisation setting for each meso/micro event becomes possible.
  • Quantisation settings are saved now along with the preset.
  • "tap clicking" on touch pads work properly now.
  • GUISync works as well with DAW automation.

This update is free for registered users of Cosmosƒ Plugin V2.1.

New customers who will purchase Cosmosƒ before 2014, will receive the upcoming Cosmosƒ FX for free in the new year. General pricing and upgrade information can be found at



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19 December 2013 at 1:00am

I dont understand ow they can developpers live. Theremust be millions of rich musicians. Or very expensive professionals to pay so many and many plugins for more $ 150. For the majority of mortals is unreachable.

On the other hand I think that they would shell, and would gain enourmously more if lowered prices heretofore affordable.

In such a way that home musicians and amateurs could borrow to pay all this without thinking that are wasting their few resources.

With a synth, compresor, smapler, delay/reberv//chorus (taking into account only virtual effects and instruments) can be paying a year to the bank...

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