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sonicLAB releases FlangerBot, new member of Oceanic, and updates all other apps in the bundle


sonicLAB has released FlangerBot, a new member of the Oceanic bundle, featuring 5 individual flanger units with a feedback loop capable of going to extremes.

Here's what they say:

Flanging, by definition, is an undulating sound effect produced by mixing two identical signals together, with one signal delayed by a small and gradually changing period. This creates a sweeping comb filter effect, with peaks and troughs in the resultant frequency spectrum.

The motion of trochoidal waves on the Oceanic, with their natural ebb and flow mirrors this undulating characteristic. When applied to modulate flanger parameters, trochoidal waves not only enhance the flanging effect but also make it feel more organic and alive.

With the Oceanic waves can modulate on the FlangerBot:

  • The delay rate of each flanger.
  • Introduce undulating filtering effects.
  • And trigger tap delay lines with wave heights.

FlangeBot is the 4th member of the Oceanic bundle and is free for registered users.

Also, the other apps in the Oceanic bundle have been updated:

  • The Oceanic app:
    • Has been revised to call the ports of FlangerBot (4786 and 4787).
  • The WaveBot:
    • Now one can control the WaveBot instances from the Oceanic app in real time even when the WaveBot plugin window is closed on the DAW.
  • The WaveCC:
    • A bug on passing thru the Note On/off messages on the AUmidiFX version has been fixed. This concerns the Logic users. Now one can control the WaveCC instances from the Oceanic app in real time even when the WaveCC plugin window is closed on the DAW.

Oceanic bundle price is 109 Euros and and can be purchased here.

It comes as a bundle of 4 apps. Oceanic is a standalone app, WaveBot is a VST3/AU instrument plugin and WaveCC is a VST2/AU MIDIfx plugin and FlangerBot is a VST3/AU audio plugin. Both OS X and Windows versions are available.

Authorisation needs and iLok account. Options are iLok USB dongle, iLok Cloud or directly the host computer.




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