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sonicLAB updates Cosmosƒ M31 to v1.1


sonicLAB has updated Cosmosƒ M31, a stochastic MIDI event generator which can generate complex MIDI structures on multiple time scales, to v1.1.

Cosmosƒ comes with the MBot client plugin which together can communicate on multiple tracks on the DAW simultaneously and is MPE compatible.

The update v1.1 has the following additions:

  • A custom event pooling ensures the handling of channel note off messages among the plugins with different behaviors on different DAWs.
  • New modal scales: Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian and Mixolydian are added.
  • M31 plugin size state can be saved along with the DAW project.

Also the Laurent Mialon Live Pack, designed to be used with Cosmosf M31 / MBot, has been updated with 4 new sets dedicated to the new Ableton Live 11 features (including 14 sets in total).

The update is free for registered users.


Pricing & Availability

Cosmosf M31 and MBot comes as VST2 and AU plugin formats both for OS X and Windows systems. A fully functional time limited demo is available.

The retail prices for Cosmosf M31 is 99 Euros / 119 USD (MBot is included) and can be directly purchased at the sonicLAB shop.

Cosmosf M31 can also be purchased with the Laurent Mialon Pack together for 119 Euros / 144 USD.

A Cosmosf bundle including Cosmosf Saturn, Cosmosf FX and Cosmosf M31 is also available for 310 Euros / 375 USD.

All purchases can be done also with a 6 month Rent-To-Own system.



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