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sonicLAB updates EnVBot stochastic envelope generator to version2


sonicLAB has updated the EnVBot stochastic envelope generator to version2.

sonicLAB EnVBot v2 is a stochastic and distributed ADSR envelope generator. It modulates the amplitude of its input but also can be assigned to external gear as a CV signal.

EnVBot offers a rich time domain modulation scheme which operates on each Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release sections independently. It offers many continuous and discrete types of probability distributions and standard waveforms to construct a unique waveform.

With the distributed audio plugin architecture of sonicLAB, one can trigger an entire fleet of DAW tracks together in real time on the EnVBot server communicating with EnvBot clients on other tracks.

The new update offers following features:

  • EnVBot v2 offers now three playback modes: playback with stop at release point / or without stop, and looping mode.
  • In the loop playback mode and with random seed / playback speed option, continuous variation on each ADSR can be achieved with the same settings.
  • A playback position reset command is available with the "r" key, which resets the positions on the server and clients in sync.
  • Random seed and manual seed iterations are synced with server and clients. Now only the EnV trigger button and the ADSR position changes will trigger a new seed when random seed is turned on.
  • EnV trig button is now also a remote plugin automation control and likewise can be handled also when the plugin window is closed.

EnVBOT v2 costs 59Euros together with its server and client editions. It can be purchased as perpetual license or in rent to own payments directly at sonicLAB webshop.

Other bundle offers are sonicLAB Bot Bundle: (PaSSBot + EnVBot + VOLBot + BotTrig) for 149Euros and Cosmosƒ Saturn7 + sonicLAB Bot bundle: 260Euros.




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