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Soundiron announces First Anniversary Sale: $100 Off Olympus & All Bundles, $80 Off Requiem Light, $50 Off Emotional Piano & Apocalypse Percussion


Soundiron has announced a major sale to celebrate its first year on earth, going on now until Tuesday August 7th, 2012 (12AM Pacific Time).

  • $100 Off All Bundles.
  • $100 Off Olympus Choral Collection.
  • $80 Off Requiem Light.
  • $50 Off Emotional Piano.
  • $50 Off Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble.
  • And the new Struck Grand for only $99.

The Struck Grand is a tuned piano string percussion library for Kontakt with 9GB of content, 4058 samples and full custom UI. It includes pick plucks, steel hammers, key-struck finger mutes, harmonics, slides, rumbles, open & damped glisses, mallet pounds, scrapes, sustaining effects, organic and synth-like pads, ambiences and more. Available now via download or DVD for $99. Click Here for demos, videos and info.

Requiem Light epic choir includes 40 male & female pro singers, captured in large cathedral, using a blend of 12 mics mixed into an efficient well-balanced stereo blend. It features 3 legato vowels and 32 slow/fast tempo-syncing poly-sustains with legato for full choir in unison. It also has male/female divisi for all sustaining vowels, 22 staccato & 16 looping marcato syllables and words, phrase builder, choral effects, tenor & soprano soloists, ambiences & pads and more. Now updated to version 2.5 with new features and refinements, this library is available in Standard Format for $269 and Powered-By-Kontakt Player Edition for $299.

Emotional Piano is well-known for its dark, warm sound and soft tonality. Used widely in film, television and game soundtrack production, this 5GB grand piano library has a customizable UI with all the tools needed to tailor the sound to a wider range of playing styles. It's available in both the Powered By Kontakt Player and the standard open formats. The Player Edition qualifies you Native Instrument's Kontakt cross-grade discount. This library is available in both Standard Format for $89 and the Powered-By-Kontakt Player Edition for $99.

Olympus Symphonic Choral Collection features both the Mars Men's Choir and Venus Women's Choir together. It includes a total of 44GB of content and over 40,000 samples, 63 pro singers (SATB) and surround-ready stage and hall room positions. It has dozens of tempo-syncing Latin and Slavonic (Russian) poly-sustains, 5 true legato vowels, dozens of pure vowel and marcato sustains with round-robin on attack, sustain and release phases, dozens of staccato syllables w/rr, word builder, marcato-staccato phrase sequencer, 8 soloists, trills, shouts and effects, ambiences, pads, custom rooms and more. Available now via download or DVD for $469. Click Here for demos, videos and info.

Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble is a large collection of powerful trailer and scoring percussion instruments, with 40+ ensemble and solo drums, including snares, bass drums, super high to super low toms, dhols, frames, riqs, bongos, cajons, djembes, dumbeks, rototoms, octobahns and more than a dozen cymbals of all shapes and sizes. Each articulation has up to 3 microphone positions each (close/stage/far) in a natural hall with room shaping, with up to 12 dynamic layers and 12 round-robins per articulation. The customizable Maga-Mixer UI allows users to build and customize full kits and ensembles. Available now via download or DVD for $149. Click Here for demos, videos and info.

The Piano Collection features 5 deeply sampled grand & upright piano, organ and keyboard instrument libraries together in one complete package, including Emotional Piano (standard format), the Montclarion Hall Steinway Grand Piano, Lakeside Pipe Organ, Old Busted Granny Piano and Kinderklavier children's piano. It's available now via download or DVD box set for $199. Click Here for more info.

The Strings & Tuned Collection features 13 stringed and tuned percussion libraries, including Bamblong, Bizarre Sitar, Circlebells, Cylindrum, Imbibaphones, Kalimba, Street Erhu, The Struck Grand, Toy Glockenspiel, Twine Bass, Waterharp, Whaledrum, Zitherette and the brand new Struck Grand. It's available now via download or DVD box set for $399. Click Here for more info.

The Drum Collection features 10 deep multi-sampled percussion and drum libraries, including Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble, Bamboo Stick Ensemble, Cymbology 1 Bowed, Clack, High School Drum Corps, Little Epic Percussion 1, Riq Drum, Shake, Solo Dhol and Tablas. It's available now via download or DVD box set for $399. Click Here for more info.

The Experimentals Collection is a package of 21 unique instruments. It now features Ambius 1 Transmissions, Antidrum 1, Antidrum 2, Bowed Bucket Bass, Bronze Bin, Cathedral of Junk, Iron Throne, Frendo, Kazoo, Laundronium, Luminabells, M1 Garand Rifle, Rust 1, Rust 2, Sick 1, Sick 2, Glass Beach, Elivish Choir, Luftballon, Snow Drums and PVC Beatbox Ensemble. It's available now via download or DVD box set for $199. Click Here for more info.

Downloads are provided by the high-speed Continuata delivery system or through any web browser, with multiple server back-ups and automatic installation. All of these items are also available on DVD, delivered worldwide for just the added cost of shipping & handling (CA residents pay 8.75% sales tax on DVD orders only).

Please Note: All open-format libraries are designed for the full version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or later. Only the Player Editions of Requiem Light and Emotional Piano are supported by the free Kontakt Player.

The Player Editions for both Requiem Light and Emotional Piano qualifies users for Native Instrument's special cross-grade discount on the full version of Kontakt 5. Click Here for more info.



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