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Steinberg updates Dorico to v2.1


Steinberg has updated Dorico Pro and Dorico Elements to version 2.1.

Dorico 2.1 introduces a number of important new features:

  • Swing playback – set it for the whole project, or for only a region, or even for only an individual player, and modify.
  • Microtonal playback – comprehensive playback of extended tonality systems with no setup, through the included HALion Sonic SE 3 and other supported VST instruments.
  • Playback of bar repeats – rhythm section parts now sound as good as they look, with automatic playback of the repeated material.
  • Background sound loading – no more waiting while Dorico loads sounds in HALion Sonic SE, speeding up switching between projects and starting new ones.
  • Audio export of individual players or stems – export a separate audio file for each player in your project, ideal for dropping directly into Cubase for mixing.
  • Mid-system divisi labels – each division is now labelled automatically at the correct position, to make transitions between tutti and divisi completely clear.
  • Slash regions hide music – when dragging a slash region over existing music, the existing music is now hidden, but still plays back.
  • Propagate Part Formatting – a new dialog allows you to transfer formatting choices made for one part layout to one or more other layouts in a single click, saving even more time.
  • Propagate Properties – after setting the properties for an item to look just right in the full score, apply those same properties to all other layouts where the item appears with a single click.
  • Rich text staff labels – add font formatting changes, style changes, and line breaks in staff labels with the new rich text editor for instrument names.
  • Notehead set editor – design your own noteheads or modify the provided defaults with a graphical editor.

In addition to the above significant new features, there are dozens of smaller improvements, and a good number of bugs have been fixed.

This update is free to existing Dorico Pro 2 and Dorico Elements 2 customers, and is recommended for all Dorico 2 users.

Customers still using Dorico 1.2.10 can buy an update to Dorico Pro 2 from the Steinberg Online Shop and will automatically receive Dorico Pro 2.1.



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