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Steinberg updates Nuendo to v5.1


Steinberg has released the second update for its Nuendo 5 post, live and audio production solution. The Nuendo 5.1 update adds MXF Audio support, as well as several stability and performance improvements, focusing on the AAF import/export, the editing functions, the video engine and the MediaBay.

The support of MXF Audio further extends Nuendo's compatibility to industry standards, making the exchange of audio data much faster than before. With MXF, post-production studios and broadcast stations around the globe can share projects easily and without compatibility issues. In addition to this powerful new function, Nuendo's MediaBay has been reworked and now sports faster search capabilities and enhanced preferences.

The following issues have been fixed in version 5.1.0:

  • AAF: Some AAF from Avid referenced the wrong audio clips when imported to Nuendo.
  • AAF: AAF which references other AAF (with embedded media) crashes on import.
  • AAF: MediaBay crashes when scanning AAF files.
  • AAF: Some AAF from Avid - some clips were put on the wrong tracks when imported in Nuendo.
  • AAF: AAF originated by Final Cut Pro and converted by Automatic Duck couldn't be imported.
  • AAF: AAF from Avid - some clips positions were wrong.
  • Automation: Virgin Territory mode and panner bug fixed.
  • Automation: Input Gain Automation did not work.
  • Editing functions: VariAudio: Scissors Tool was not always accessible.
  • Editing functions: Several potential crashes fixed.
  • Editing functions: Tempo changes caused MIDI events to be copy / pasted to wrong positions.
  • Editing functions: Zooming speed improved.
  • Editing functions: Program sometimes hung when items were renamed.
  • Editing functions: MIDI tracks were also affected when an audio tracks were disabled.
  • Editing functions: Merge mono tracks to multi channel sometimes caused wrong results.
  • Editing functions: Edit mode problem in sample editor fixed.
  • Editing functions: Editing a large number of events simultaneously works more responsive now.
  • Editing functions: Potential crash when adjusting VariAudio pitch/warp fixed.
  • Editing functions: Crash when invalid MIDI data were received fixed.
  • GUI: MIDI Echo Plugin - numeric parameter values were not visible.
  • Media Management: MediaBay various scanning improvements.
  • Media Management: Track Presets did not work in projects accessing more than 2 GB RAM on 64 bit systems.
  • Score Editor: Several potential crashes in Score Editor fixed.
  • MIDI: Wrong MIDI Pan value was sent.
  • Video: Video could not be positioned accurately.
  • Video: Video playback stutter fixed.
  • Video: ProRes 4444 coded videos were sometimes cropped.
  • VST / Plugins / Audio Engine: Panning mono channels reacted slow on clicking.
  • VST / Plugins / Audio Engine: Some VST2 32bits plugin not recognized under 64 bit version.
  • VST / Plugins / Audio Engine: Direct Routing worked on one left channel only in certain configurations.
  • System and Connectivity: Some USB 2 audio interfaces did not work on Mac OS X.
  • System and Connectivity: MediaBay scanning prevented Autosave to be executed.


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