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Steinberg Wavelab v5.0.1a build 231 released


Steinberg have updated Wavelab to v5.0.1a build 231, which is a maintenance update to version 5.01a. This update requires an already installed Wavelab 5 version and does not work with previous WL versions.
For details about changes please consult the version history available after running this update patch.

  • German online help included.
  • Japanese Localization implemented.
  • Registration dialog is now localized for the supported languages.
  • Improved support of Waves' VST shell.
  • Help Menu: internet link to Steinberg distributors has been updated.
  • Improved XSend driver if you use WaveLab in cooperation with a Pinnacle product such as Edition. Copy the file WaveLab/Tools/XSend/SendToWaveLab.dll into the XSend folder of your Pinnacle application. If there is any file with the name "WaveLab" in it, delete it.
  • A technical document found in WaveLab/Tools/ CommandLine/ describes how WaveLab can be called with specific command line arguments.
  • Solve a problem that could sometimes cause UAD plugins to crash.
  • Solve an AES31 import problem.
  • Small and rare problem with cursor repositioning at playback stop.
  • Colors Red/Blue for track sliders were swapped
  • Some offline processing of the right channel of a stereo wave could be wrong.
  • Rendering a stereo file with the Mono button active on the Master Section could cause a crash.
  • If an ASIO driver provides a same name for each channel, WaveLab adds an index (1,2,3,...) to differentiate each channel.
  • The mono/stereo buttons of the Master Section did not work properly in multi-channel mode.
  • WMA file attributes sometimes would not be saved.
  • Improve timing of DVD-A pictures.
  • Bug fix in the DVD-A grabber.
  • SurroundPan coefficients where not restored immediately after reloading a montage.
  • Montage with a sample rate of 176400 were not accepted for DVD-A burning.
  • On certain DVD players, DVD-A menu in PAL mode would not be correct.
  • Improved decoding compatibility of .MUS/.MP2/.MP3 files.
  • Improved compatibility with certain ASIO drivers.
  • Audio Montage, File tab, system tab: not all supported audio file types were displayed in the file pane.
  • Fixes a problem concerning analysis of an audio range (Spectrum and Bit meters).
  • Fixes a problem with AudioMontages and header-less SD2 files.
  • Fixes a problem that could sometimes happen with the Audio Montage function "Substitute for existing wave ..."
  • Fixes some problems with markers in Audio Montages.
  • One menu in the Key command manager was always disabled.
  • Audio File Format: it was not possible to select the AU/Sun bit depth setting.
  • Fixes a problem related to the redrawing of Windows' caption bars.
  • In the dB fields of various dialogs, it was not possible to scroll from 0.000 to -0.001 dB.
  • When closing a dialog very quickly after changing a parameter, the new value was not always taken into account.
  • Master Section: problem solved when using Global bypass in conjunction to effect Solo.
  • DVD-Audio menu designer: loading presets was not working.


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