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Studio Major7th release "KMG7 V" 7-String guitar VST 3 Plug-in for Windows

Studio Major7th

Studio Major7th has released KMG7 V, a 7-string guitar VST 3 plug-in for 64-bit Windows.


  • PowerChord, PowerChord 5th, PowerChord 4th, PowerChord Mute, PowerChord 5th Mute.
  • PowerChord 4th Mute, Solo, SoloMute.
  • Hammer-on, Pull-off.
  • Pick Harmonics, Slide, Slide Noise, Auto String Noise.
  • Vibrato, Legato, Alternate Picking.
  • Brushing, Chop, Unison bend, harmonized bend.
  • Pre EQ, Distortion, Drive, Post EQ, Cabinet or My Cabinet, Stereo Modeller, Delay, Reverb, Volume, Master Volume.
  • Size of Sample Files: 1.95GB.
  • Format: 24-bit/48kHz MONO.

Price: $80.00. There is free version.




Discussion: Active


26 March 2022 at 5:51pm

Thanks!!! I am very glad that another company has dared to enter the tough and difficult competition to achieve an electric guitar that sounds convincing... However, the product, from the sound to its GUI, leaves much to be desired, it looks like a free plugin or older than a decade. The sample layers used in the articulations are insufficient... It sounds just a bit better than an old soundfont... Disappointed...Please don't missunderstood me... I hope it was just an experiment, I encourage the guys in this team to dare to do something serious, there is ground to explore and conquer yet... and maybe they could become the kings where Impact Soundworks, Ample Sound and ThreeBodyTech have not been able to reach yet! Cheers to you but keep doing.

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