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Synth1 updated to v1.0.6

Daichi Laboratory (Ichiro Toda)

Synth1 has finally had an update, v1.0.6 has been released!

Changes in v1.06:
  • Sound:
    • Unison mode.
    • Portamento auto mode.
    • Smooth VCF freq knob.
    • VCF resonance feedback.
    • VCF distortion -> saturation.
    • Modify VCF velocity.
    • VCO S/N up (for sine/triangle).
    • Modify Delay<->Chorus/Flange patching.
    • Modify Chorus/Flanger algorithm.
    • Modify Portamento effect (linear->exponential).
    • Modify noise when mono mode.
  • MIDI:
    • Receive MIDI control change.
    • Read/write Control Change Map.
    • MIDI Control Learn mode (click [OPT] with pressing [Shift]).
    • Control Map for nordlead2.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug that hangup when tempo change (DXi).
    • Fixed a bug that Arpeggiator tempo becomes later and later.
    • Fixed a bug that synth1 parameter is out of VSTi range (for Muzie).
    • Fixed a bug that the host application is crushed when the Synth1 starts (VSTi).
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