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Products by Daichi Laboratory (Ichiro Toda)

Latest reviews of Daichi Laboratory (Ichiro Toda) products


Reviewed By withandi [all]
March 30th, 2024
Version reviewed: last on Windows

What can I say? I made my carrier on that synth - easy to program a patch or even a library. Simple concept out of clavia workshop but it works damn good. Interface may be a bit too simple for modern standards but hey - you can run it on even pentium III - yes 2000's machine :) And that simplicity makes it a workhorse for any project. Plus it has most growing patch library you could ever whish for a synth (even some of the original patches from nord have been rewriten for that one). This is a synth that you'll start your music journey with and keep it from now on in every project. Essential like a sampler and eq with compressor for electronic music production.

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Reviewed By Spotto [all]
October 2nd, 2023
Version reviewed: V113beta on Windows

Hard to beat this when paired with Librarian by Neutrino Sky - checkout Youtube for full instructions for Windows. Unfortunately Mac users don't get the benefit of Librarian but it's still a mega Synth.

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Reviewed By skank [all]
June 26th, 2023
Version reviewed: 1.13B3 on Windows

We should all be so grateful to have such a fantastic synth1, thank you, Ichiro Toda! I've had it for years, the simplicity, and the sound and community support for presets etc is great.

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Reviewed By JeffRay [all]
March 22nd, 2023
Version reviewed: 1.13 on Windows

Pretty much everyone knows this is one of the most efficient heavy lifters. Lots of sound with minimal tweaking, hundreds of thousands of presets around. The real deal that some must not get is the QUALITY of the sound. Very few synths have achieved as high of a quality of sound, perceptually or even on a scope. Don't know how they did it but me and a gazillion others have used it in production environments for decades with great results. What makes it shine is the sound quality, ease of tweaking, arpeggiation and unison features. The only deficit is that it is ugly, and I wouldn't want it any other way. The few that have come close for sound quality are some of U-he's synths and Vital. Yes, there are new and interesting avenues worth pursuing (like additive synthesis, sample based, and hybrid synths), but this is hands down the best subtractive synth I've used.

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Reviewed By lucknow13 [all]
November 9th, 2022
Version reviewed: Latest on Windows

Aside what the previous review by meru was. Does she need glasses or is her computer strange. I found nothing valid in her review. Synth1 is not overrated and is perhaps the most popular free synth out there and has been for years. Everything, at least on my computer is easy to see and adjust and has it's own unique sound. What to speak of the thousands of available banks for this great synth. The complaint that the Gui is ugly is hardly a valid point as it can be make very nice looking with adjustable custom colours and the fonts are clear. In her review he does not recommend any free synths that could be comparable. That would be a plus if it were so. At any rate she is no doubt in the minority on this. Long live Synth1.

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Reviewed By meru [all]
November 8th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

It's a good (albeit overrated) synth with an extremely messy, ugly GUI (not talking about the color).

I give it a generous 3 stars because it sounds OK and the plugin is one of the most CPU efficient.
However, functionally it's just one of the thousands of generic subtractive plugins, but the GUI is among the worst i've seen in this category.

- There's a lack of space, around the visual controls and also between some labels.
- Combine that with ridiculous abbreviations, and you get gems such as "timedephatefdbktoned/w"
- The knobs are not aligned.
- The 'm.env' and 'dest.' buttons aren't aligned either...
- The 'phase' knob label is a different size.
- The monospace font makes the fonts harder to read.
- The only point for using monospace today, is aligning words and characters, yet many labels are vertically misaligned.

But hey, at least you can change the color...

Conclusion: Unless you're using a very old computer, and need an extremely low-CPU synth (which is the only remarkable feature), there's nothing you would miss using one of the many subtractive synths with more features and better GUIs - some of which are free (check out TAL NoiseMaker, u-he Tyrell N6, or even better, Vital!).

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Reviewed By purplepat69 [all]
December 4th, 2020
Version reviewed: 1.13beta on Windows

I could be niggly and knock off one star because this doesn't sound "hi fi" in terms of raw audio quality, but I can't knock a free synth that has literally thousands of presets that sound fantastic. I am simply blown away by the number of presets for this thing (I know there was a contest to make stuff with this synth), but I downloaded one file that has 16,000 presets (a link to a 25,000 preset mega download is apparently down). I'm not a fan of the dated-looking GUI; it would be great if this could be updated with a graphical presentation that matched the awesomeness of this synth. A must-have.

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Reviewed By nonewwavenofun [all]
August 23rd, 2020
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

Still the gold standard for a free synth VST. Would definitely recommend to learn how to program synths. I'm very sad so I used the colour editor to make it look like a Nord Lead.

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