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Skale Tracker v0.76w released


Skale Tracker v0.76w has been released including a number of new features, including a Linux version!

New additions:
  • Runs under Linux.
  • NoteDeath (NNAs).
  • Diskop. Skin selection on.
  • 24bit video mode support .
  • Panic Button.
  • Config file in text mode.
  • Configurable Auto-tune samples on/off.
  • FXs routing.
  • Better mouse control in mixer vertical controllers.
  • Mixer SubGroups.
  • Skin: Silent Hil.
  • Block selection using keyboard.

Bugs fixed:

  • jump to next pattern line effect Dxx (and similar) while "playing pattern" now doesn't jump to the next pattern.
  • Shift+tab on effect or instrument column now jumps to the note column in the same channel.
  • File locks aren't released on previously opened Songs.
  • Saturated signal entering into VST plugins.
  • MIDI Controller map info wasn't saved in SKM files.
  • XM instrument header was corrupted.
  • XM save: Fxx effect wasn't saved.
  • MIDI Out misc bugs fixed.


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